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Burmese A Gateway to an Intriguing Language

The new book, ‘Burmese, a Gateway to an Intriguing Language,’ was born in order to fulfil the needs of Burmese learners, especially the speakers of English and other Western languages, who are struggling with complexity and ambiguity of Burmese script and pronunciation system.

Many Western learners, beginners in particular, seem to be overloaded with too much vocabulary involved in situational dialogues or conversational exchanges presented in complex Burmese script accompanied by Romanization. We felt the need for a different strategy to introduce the language to speakers of English and other Western European languages.

Burmese, like many other East Asian or South East Asian languages or dialects, is a tonal language. A Burmese syllable can carry three different tones while keeping the same vowel sound or the same rhyme. The Myanmar (Burmese) script is another hassle to Westerners as it is not based on the Roman alphabet, which is why Romanized spellings of Myanmar words could be confusing to many learners very often.

Our approach is meant to address these challenges. The audio and video material on our website www.embracemyanmar.com would round out the book with the models of Burmese pronunciation demonstrated by the native speakers of Myanmar.

The Website also contains information about where to obtain the book.

The authors: we are a Burmese-German couple: Thuzar Winn, an English teacher with a master degree in linguistics (Yangon University, Myanmar) and Detlef Eckert, an official in European Commission with a Ph.D. in economics (Siegen University, Germany), who are committed to promoting the Myanmar language and culture to the world.

Note: This blog was supplied by the authors, and is posted here as it is likely to be of interest to Yangonite.Com’s readers.

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