Accommodation options in Yangon

Depending on your length of stay in Yangon, you basically have three options for accommodation: renting a house or apartment, trying to find a short-term sublet in an apartment, or staying at a hotel/guesthouse.

Renting an apartment or house in Yangon

Important: In Yangon, the entire rent for the full length of the lease needs to be paid up-front. A six-month lease is the absolute minimum that can be negotiated and this limits your options as landlords prefer a 12-month lease. Make sure you bring enough cash with you to cover the whole six or 12 months rent.

Rental prices in Yangon start at around $120 per month for a basic, local-style apartment. From around $400 per month you can get a two-bedroom apartment with air-conditioning, western-style bathroom, etc. Prices for an apartment that would be considered nice by western standards generally start at about $800 per month for a two or three bedroom place. Beyond that, the sky is the limit. Some of the nicer houses in Yangon go for around $3000-$7000 per month or more.

Occasionally you will find advertisements (for example, in the Myanmar Times) from landlords who want to rent their place directly, cutting out the agent. Otherwise, you will need to use a real estate agent. Their fee is one month’s rent. Don’t be afraid to try a number of different agents and take your time to choose a place. A list of real estate agents can be found in the Yangonite Directory. We don’t recommend any agencies in particular as we’ve yet to hear of one that has received universally positive feedback.

Sub-let an apartment in Yangon

This is hard to find but occasionally people will sub-let their apartment or a room in their apartment for a short period (maybe between one and three months). Sublets are sometimes advertised on the Yangonite Forum, or more frequently on the “Yangon Expat Connection” Google Group (you need to send a request to become a member of the group). You can also ask around when you get to Yangon.

Hotels and guesthouses in Yangon for long-term stays

Hotel and guesthouse accommodation in Yangon is relatively expensive due to the current high growth in visitor numbers and limited accommodation options. The following recommendations assume a relatively long stay of at least one month where you probably don’t want to spend $150 per night or more. Therefore, the higher standard hotels such as Traders Hotel, Savoy Hotel, Park Royal Hotel aren’t listed here.

New Aye Yar Hotel (
For a month-long stay they will discount their smaller rooms to $32 per night or their larger rooms to $37 per night. Otherwise prices are $35 and $40 respectively. Advantages are that the hotel has free wi-fi in the rooms and the larger rooms are very spacious. Included breakfast is bad but edible. Located downtown.

The accommodation of choice for visitors on a budget (volunteers, etc). Rooms are available from $10-$20 per night. The $20 rooms have air-conditioning and private bathroom. $15 rooms have a fan and private bathroom. $10 rooms have a shared bathroom and a fan. Wi-fi available in lobby only. Breakfast included. Located downtown.

Motherland Inn (
This is to the east of downtown, so it’s a good 15 minute walk to the middle of downtown. Advantages are that it’s very popular with foreign backpackers so there are lots of people to talk to. Price is $23 per night for a room with private bathroom and air-conditioning. Breakfast included.

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  1. Liat, October 3, 2013 8:55 am - Accommodation

    This is very helpful! Thanks!

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  2. monicateacher, October 16, 2013 11:04 am - Accommodation

    You can also try the Decent Hotel in Minigone. It’s $20 a night including a fridge, AC, daily maid service and breakfast.

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