Internet Access in Yangon

Internet access in Yangon is problematic, though not at all impossible. Just don’t expect the speeds you can get anywhere else in the world. Try to download any large files or programs that you will need in Myanmar before entering the country. Downloading anything over 50MB in Yangon can be done, but is certainly a labor of love.

Most hotels of mid-range price and higher will offer (usually) free in-room internet access. Cheaper guesthouses generally do not. See the Hotels page for a list of hotels with wi-fi.

For those not staying in hotels, there are basically four options for getting online in Yangon:

Internet Cafes

Internet cafes are everywhere in Yangon. They are generally fine for visitors, but not much help to expats who need a place to work, preferably with their own computer. Here is a list of some conveniently located internet cafes.

Public Wifi

Many hotels and cafes offer wi-fi, either free or paid. Here is a list of some of places with advice on the quality of the connection. Read More…

Mobile Data

If you buy a permanent SIM card you can also get data access. The speeds are quite decent (better than most wi-fi connections around the city) and rates are quite cheap. This is probably the best option for long-term access. Read More…

Home Installation

Having broadband internet installed in a home or office in Yangon is quite expensive. However, if you intend to stay long-term it might be worth the investment. Read More…

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