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Home Internet Installation in Yangon

Setting up a home or office internet connection in Yangon is a fairly expensive investment. The monthly rates aren’t too bad, but the set-up costs are high. There are basically two internet service providers to choose from: Skynet and Redlink. With Skynet you can package it with satellite television as well. Their prices and plans change regularly, so refer to their websites for the latest:



Redlink offers both mobile wireless internet and fiber to the home options. Oddly enough, the initial setup costs aren’t all that different, with the mobile modem costing $390, and fiber to the home installation costing 500,000 kyat (in areas where it is available). Monthly rates and additional costs are listed in English on their website.

Note that if you have already invested in a permanent SIM card, it would probably be more economical just to use your mobile data (as long as you can get a decent signal in your apartment).

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  1. Cheryl, May 10, 2013 1:08 pm - Home Installation

    Would mobile data be good enough to stream videos from sites like youtube on a laptop?

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    • Yangonite, May 10, 2013 1:13 pm - Home Installation

      That’s what I use and, yes, it is fast enough to watch YouTube videos. I’ve also had downloads up to 250 kb/s. That said, speeds vary at different times and in different locations. Other people find it very slow. My SIM is WCDMA which could possibly be why it’s faster than for other people with GSM SIM cards.

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  2. Stoat, May 7, 2017 12:19 am - Home Installation

    Does anyone have recommendations for a decent ISP around 8 mile?

    My wife lives in this area and the mobile internet is _awful_ (can’t even hold up a video call when I’m in the UK) , so I’m trying to find an ISP which doesn’t suck and get her on a fixed connection.

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